5 awesome playing card decks pulling double duty


5 awesome playing card decks pulling double duty

We’ve rounded up the best dual-purpose card decks

We love the possibilities that come with a single deck of cards. 52 cards, 4 suits with 9 number cards and 4 court cards, and a tuck box. Keep those elements and forget everything else you know about what playing cards need to look like or how they need to function. Even better is when creating the cards serves a double purpose. From artist collaborations to cause-worthy cards, we’ve rounded up the best playing card decks that are throwing out traditions and creating new ways of design and play.

1. Celebrating local diversity

The Deck - Playing card decks

I’ve never been to Witchita, KS, but I’m now hopping on the next flight to check out the art scene. The Deck is a collaborative community project with 52 artists coming together to design a deck of cards that celebrates the uniqueness of the local art community. They are all beautiful, but the king of hearts lumberjack has my ❤️. And speaking of lumberjacks…

2. Surviving never looked better

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Ever wondered what to do while playing cards around a campfire and a bear comes creeping your way? Well, thanks to Gentlemen’s Hardware, you won’t have to worry because the answer is in your hands. Each of these waterproof cards includes a survival tip or fact to keep you safe during your adventures.

3. A look into the future

hand of playing arts futuristic playing card decks

What happens when 299 international artists and designers predict what the world looks like 100 years from now? The new Future Edition deck from Playing Arts is what. Currently being funded through Kickstarter, every card tells a different story of a futuristic world. For a fun look at what artists in 1900 thought the future would look like, watch their video.

4. Learning with poker on the side

The Design Deck- playing card decks
The Design Deck

If you thought learning through play was just for kids, think again. This deck teaches the essentials of graphic design so you can improve your skills as a designer. From typefaces to Bauhaus, this deck covers the spectrum of great design.

5. Every deck makes a difference


A playing card deck where 100% of the proceeds go to fund clean water projects with charity:water? Sign me up. Not only do we love the minimal, yet stylish design, they are made from paper using hydroelectric power and renewable energy sources.

Let us know what playing card decks you love that are pulling double duty! Have an idea for one? We can help! Create new ways to play and new possibilities with your own custom playing cards.