Our favorite playing card games to help you pass the time

Our favorite playing card games to help you pass the time

It’s the holiday season which means travel woes, awkward family conversations and even more opportunities for kids to say “I’m bored” when surrounded by a lot of adults. The best way to get out of these not-so-great holiday situations? Pull out a deck of cards and start playing one of our favorite playing card games. 

We’ve rounded up our four favorite games that are super simple to play and fun for everyone. And while these games are easy to learn, we always recommend you not try to explain the rules yourself. It can just lead to a lot of frustration when your great aunt is still clueless after 15 minutes of explanation and examples. Leave it to the pros! There are so many great YouTube explainer videos for every type of game you want to play. Throw the video up on the TV or send a link to the players to watch on their phones and you’ll be playing in no time. 

Time will pass fast, kids will be full of giggles and your family will stop asking you why you are still single. Plus you’ll have fun at the same time. It’s a win-win! So gather round the table, pull out your favorite playing cards and let’s have some fun!

Bluff your way to a win

Lying is the name of the game when it comes to B.S. (aka BullShit, Bolonga, Cheat, Bluff). This simple game where the first person with no cards left in their hand wins, gets more fun when one player is bold enough to call BS and call out another player on their bluff.

It’s a race to beat your opponent

Speed is my favorite two-person game and my favorite to play when trying to kill time with another person. Stuck in the airport? Time will fly by fast as you race to play all of the cards in your hand and pile and be the first one to shout speed to win the game.

Four of a kind and a spoon

My all-time favorite card game is Spoons. As cards move around the table, your goal is to turn your random hand of 4 cards into a four of a kind. Once you do, you grab a spoon from the table and you’ve won. But the real race here is not to be the one player left without a spoon.

Don’t be left with an eight

In Crazy Eights, the game is over when the first person hits 100 points. But it’s the player with the least amount of points who wins the game. How to win? Don’t be left with a crazy eight in your hand at the end of the round as those are worth 50 points.

So what game will you be playing this season to get out of your holiday funk?