What European country do you want to play card games in?

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What European country do you want to play card games in?

Take our quiz and learn about the evolution of modern playing cards at the same time

Do you know where playing cards were first invented? No? Turns out neither do historians. A lot of evidence shows that they were played in China during the Tang dynasty around the 9th-century AD. The cards could have been spread west to Egypt and Persia from there. There is also a likelihood that they were first invented in Persia and then spread to Egypt and east to China. However, no one really knows because they would have been played on paper which wouldn’t have lasted all of these years.  Though native Americans played their own unique cards using rawhide and horse skins in the 18th and 19th century so they weren’t always played using paper. 

What we do know is that the cards that first showed up in Europe in the 14th century were very similar to those previously used in Egypt. It is believed that slave soldiers were the first ones to bring them to Europe. And as they made their way around Europe, they evolved into the modern decks we know today. There were four countries that had the most influence on playing cards. Use this quiz to determine which of the four countries you’d want to play cards in and we’ll give you a little playing card history lesson on them.

Where are you traveling to next to play cards? Italy? Germany? France? England? They all played an interesting part of history. Want to learn about the other countries? Take the quiz again and mix up your answers!

We can’t close up this history lesson without mentioning the role the United States had in the modern playing deck. And of course, it was the addition of the Joker. The Joker was created in the United States during the Civil War as a trump card for the game of Euchre. It’s since been adopted as a wild card, or for most of us, the cards we take out of the deck before we start playing. 

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